4NJBETS Launches New & Improved Site March 1

Thursday, February 28, 2013

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TVG and Darby Development LLC today announced that, from tomorrow, March 1, TVG will provide online and telephone account wagering platforms and related services for New Jersey’s only licensed and legal online horseracing wagering site, 4NJBets.


Licensed yesterday by the New Jersey Racing Commission (NJRC) to provide the online and telephone account wagering platforms in the Garden State and related services, TVG was chosen for the 4NJBets assignment by Darby Development LLC, which manages Monmouth Park Racetrack and manages the state’s ADW business on behalf of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.


While the site’s web address remains the same, its look and operational features have been completely overhauled. As a result, will now provide fast and easy online deposits and withdrawals, streamlined navigation functionality, effortless online and mobile betting and live racing. In addition, it will offer a full array of helpful wagering services familiar to existing TVG customers elsewhere in the US.


“TVG is the recognized ADW industry leader, and as such was the perfect candidate to provide the new look for 4NJBets,” said Robert Kulina, president of Darby Development. “With TVG at the helm, we are confident 4NJBets will provide a major boost for all elements of the state’s racing industry. For all of our customers who want to support New Jersey racing we now have a state of the art product for them to enjoy.”


“TVG has a long history of working closely with New Jersey racing through its television network,” said Stephen Burn, President and CEO of TVG. “Now, we have an opportunity to use all our resources, including the online wagering platform, to help New Jersey racing have a long-term sustainable future.”


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- 3/4/2013 6:23:12 PM -

Great Job……this is a real win – win those running the track and TVR, not the ADW account holder. The idea is to increase your customer base not decrease it.
I have been a longtime NJ resident and supporter of NJ racing since the mid-seventies and have seen one mistake after another until the point we have one Thoroughbred race track. I decided to get 4NJBets account to be able to wager when I wanted to. Since I was in NJ had no other choice but to go with 4NJBets but since it supported NJ racetracks, I overlooked the fact of its “vanilla” interface and lack or rebates…. at least it was free like all the other ADWs out there. Your move to TVG has shown a real lack of concern for the recreational/weekend bettor and is just a shell game to keep your captive NJ ADW audience by retaining the 4NJBETs name but have TVG provide the platform….call it what you want but it is just a TVG (go into the TVG website and log-in and find out).
But don’ worry, after 6/1 TVG will begin impose a wagering and video fee unless I wager $2500/month. But hey, I forgot I now get rebates….a $5 credit for every $ 5000 I bet. Since I am not a professional gambler I get to pay more for the privilege of supporting you. But why should you care? You did not even have the courtesy to alert me or a number of others to let us know what was going on, I had to find out when I could not log into may account on Saturday morning, only to be told on the Derby Trails forum that this occurred. Want to find out what a good idea you just go ask to some of your customers and read the response to this move. Well don’t worry, come 6/1 me and a good number of other account holders will be closing our accounts. Plan to continue following horse racing, I will just go to NY and PA to do it.

- 3/4/2013 3:44:50 PM -

4njbets was free. How long before account holders will be charged a wagering fee or something similar?

- 3/4/2013 3:15:54 PM -

I am a NJ Wagering Account holder since it's inception. My purpose for writing is to get the tracks from the United Kingdom (England & Ireland) and also (with less urgency) the races from Japan on the active list of races we can wager on at the website. TVG provides free past performances on these international races at it's website and racing from Great Britain are included in the Tracks List of at the website. (Open Put the cursor on the "Horse Racing" link under the phone number at the top of the page. A submenu appears. Select "Tracks List". A new web page opens and the "Domestic" tracks offered by 4NJBets are shown. To the right of the submenu for Domestic tracks is a button for "International" tracks offered by 4NJBets. Canada, Australia, Dubai, Great Britain, Ireland, and Japan are all on the list but currently we cannot wager on races from Great Britain, Ireland, or Japan.)

Please do whatever is necessary - if at all possible - to activate all these International courses so NJ Account holders can enjoy playing International races just as TVG account holders do in New York and across the country. (When I called TVG about this issue the person on the other end of the line jokingly suggested I move to New York! I laughed but I'm not moving!)

One final note: Next Tuesday (March 12th) through Friday (March 15th) the Cheltenham Festival takes place in England. This is the greatest four days of steeplechase racing in the world. It culminates with the Chetenham Gold Cup on that Friday. No doubt will be offering wagering on this spectacular event. If you can make it happen, I would love to wager at too.

Thank you.

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