Where to Bet

There are mutuel windows located throughout the facility, and tellers operate the machines located at each of these individual windows. After saying the track and race number, you state your wagers to the teller and pay the amount you bet. You will then receive the mutuel ticket(s) showing your wagers. Please check all tickets prior to leaving a mutuel window.

Self Betting Machines
For your convenience and privacy, self-betting machines are located throughout the track. Self-betting machines are clearly designated as voucher only and bill accepting. Vouchers may be purchased at any mutuel window throughout the track.

Minimum Wager Windows
To assist those who may be making large wagers, special minimum bet windows have been established. These windows are designated by a sign which reads $20 or $50 minimum wager.

Wagering Assistance
Wagering questions can be answered at the Welcome Centers on the Grandstand and Clubhouse first floor, or refer to the front of the racing program. Personal instruction on the self-service mutuel machine is available at the Grandstand Welcome Center.

Tote Board:
The infield graphics board, or tote board, provides the following information:
1. Amount of money wagered on each horse individually in the win, place, and show pools
2. Updated odds
3. Fractional and final race times
4. The result of the preceding race
5. Additional messages including program changes post time for the upcoming race and the time of day.