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2015-08-09Monmouth Park Kid's Club Hosted by Thorofan
2015-08-09Kortney's Challenge & Food Bank Day
2015-08-15Shore Chef Crab Cake Cook-Off Day 1
2015-08-16Shore Chef Crab Cake Cook-Off Day 2
2015-08-23Back to School Day
2015-08-29$500 NHC Handicapping Contest
2015-08-29Fantasy Football Weekend Day 1
2015-08-30Fantasy Football Weekend Day 2
2015-09-05BBQ & Craft Beer Festival Day 1
2015-09-06BBQ & Craft Beer Festival Day 2
2015-09-07BBQ & Craft Beer Festival Day 3
2015-09-12New Jersey Thoroughbred Festival
2015-09-12Kenwood Seminar: The Business of Thoroughbreds
2015-09-19Food Trucktoberfest
2015-09-27Closing Day