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Handicapping Contests

Saturday, May 12, 2018



The Simulcast Series Invitational is open to the 50 players who have previously qualified in one of our five SSC contests PLUS the five wild card winners.  The top 5 finishers in the Invitational, in order of finish, will select from a prize pool of two 2019 NHC seats and three 2018 Pick Your Prize seats. 


In addition, there will also be a $250 NHC Qualifier held this day awarding NHC seats to the top 2 finishers.  Players in the SSC Invitational are also allowed to participate in the Qualifier.


Click here for the SSC Invitational brochure.


For more information, contact Brian Skirka (bskirka@monmouthpark.com or 732-571-6595)