General Seating

General Seating 300x225

Monmouth Park offers general seating for 8,000 on a first-come first-serve basis. Seats on the top two levels of the grandstand provide shelter from weather as well as great views of the stretch and winner’s circle.  Here, bench seats give fans an up-close view of the stretch and winner’s circle. 


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Attention Fans. Coolers or carry-in containers of any kind will only be permitted within the confines of the picnic area.  Additionally, patrons bringing such items will only be permitted to enter the track through the Picnic Area or Train admission gates. Coolers, carry-in containers and other items will be subject to search prior to entering the track.  For security reasons, unattended coolers, carry-in containers or similar items will not be allowed to reserve picnic tables. No patron under the age of 21 is permitted to possess or consume alcohol at any time.  Additionally, we are pursuing new policies to enhance effectiveness in this area, such as the wearing of wristbands to identify persons 21 or older on Haskell Day, and as otherwise appropriate.  We thank you for your continued cooperation.