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Mike explains the Tomlinson Ratings this the final video of 2016.


In this week's video, Mike walks you through the ins and outs of the 50-cent Pick 5.


Mike Curci examines how to look at workouts in this week's video.


In the Labor Day Weekend episode, Mike talks about how to select a turf horse and a dirt horse.


In this week's episode, Mike takes you though a horse's running line.


This week, Mike Curci explains some common abbreviations found in the program.


In this segment, Mike examines the "Horse for Course" angle.


Mike takes a look at why it's important to look at jockey/trainer combos.


This week, Mike explains some beginner's strategy behind playing the 50-cent Pick 3.


In this week's video, Mike breaks down the stats page in the program and all the useful info that can be found there.


In this week's episode, Mike explains odds and payoffs.


Mike Curci talks through the basics of how to read the program in this week's Curci's Corner video.


A few common racing terms and phrases are explained in this week's video.


Mike Curci explains what makes Monmouth Park's $5 123 Pick 6 a fun wager for all.


The paddock is a beautiful area at Monmouth Park, but also an educational tool.  Mike Curci explains why.


In this video, Mike Curci explains what to say and shows you how to make a bet with a teller.


In the first of our NEW educational and instructional betting videos, Monmouth Park host Mike Curci explains why here at Monmouth Park we actually DO want you to win!




In this video, Mike explains the basics of What to Bet and the strategy of keeping it simple.

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