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Mobile Wagering On-Track at Monmouth Park

Posted Thursday, Jun 6, 2013

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Monmouth Park officially entered the “app age” on May 11 (Opening Day) when the racetrack launched its mobile wagering platform.  Since then, then demand from patrons has seen steady growth as everyone continues to jump aboard the wagering information superhighway.

            “Monmouth Park’s mobile wagering platform has taken off in nearly the first month of usage with more and more players opting for this easy option every live race day,” said Bill Knauf, vice president of business operations at the racetrack.  “It has what everyone is looking for – convenience and simplicity.”

            The mechanics of mobile wagering are simple.  At the start of the day, the patron fills out a slip to choose a pin number.  That slip, and whatever deposit the patron chooses, is given to a mutuel clerk, who will then issue a ticket with that day’s account number and balance.

            Patrons then log on to the wi-fi network (MP_Wifi) on their mobile device.  Once online, they log onto the wagering site (  At the prompts, they key in their account number and pin number.  After they have accessed the site, they can continue to wager with any funds on deposit for that day only and withdrawal any balance at the end of the day.


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