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A race in which only one horse competes.  

Washed Out
A horse that becomes so nervous that it sweats profusely. Also known as "washy" or "lathered (up)."  

A foal that is less than one-year-old that has been separated from its dam.  

Weigh In
The certification, by the clerk of scales, of a rider's weight before (after) a race. A jockey weighs in fully dressed with all equipment except for his/her helmet, whip and (in many jurisdictions) flak jacket.  

Weight For Age
An allowance condition in which each entrant is assigned a weight according to its age. Females usually receive a sex allowance as well.  

Betting all possible combinations in an exotic wager using at least one horse as the key. 

A horse color, extremely rare, in which all the hairs are white. The horse's eyes are brown, not pink, as would be the case for an albino.

The finish line of a race.  

Area above the shoulder, where the neck meets the back.  

To exercise a horse by galloping a pre-determined distance.  

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