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A Thoroughbred racing saddle is the lightest saddle used, weighing less than two pounds.  

Saddle Cloth
A cotton cloth which goes under the saddle to absorb sweat. It usually has the horse's program number and sometimes, in major races, its name.  

Saddle Pad
A piece of felt, sheepskin, or more usually, foam rubber, used as a base for the saddle.  

Scale of Weights
Fixed weights to be carried by horses according to their age, sex, race distance and time of year.  

Process of familiarizing a horse with the starting gate and teaching it racing practices. A horse may also be schooled in the paddock.  

To be taken out of a race before it starts. Trainers usually scratch horses due to adverse track conditions or a horse's adverse health. A veterinarian can scratch a horse at any time.  

Second Call
A secondary mount of a jockey in a race in the event his primary mount is scratched.  

Set Down
1) A suspension - The jockey was set down five days for careless riding. 2) When a jockey assumes a lower crouch in the saddle while urging the horse to pick up speed, the horse was set down for the drive to the wire.  

Shadow Roll
A (usually sheepskin) roll that is secured over the bridge of a horse's nose to keep it from seeing shadows on the track and shying away from or jumping them.  

Rope or strap attached to a halter or bridle by which a horse is led.  

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