Date Name Claimed From Claimed By Amount
05/13/2012Bold IntentionMetro Thoroughbreds LLCRobert Tresente5,000
05/13/2012Dixie BandMr. Amore StableRising Sun Racing Stable5,000
05/13/2012Famous PatriotLaurie PlesaWall Street Thoroughbred5,000
05/13/2012TripendicularHall, George and LoriTravin Stables25,000
05/13/2012Rockstar RichieWesley A.WardPatricia A.Brown10,000
05/13/2012Bold StreakNeal K.MaharajWilliam JosephThomas, Sr.7,500
05/13/2012DistinctlyOver The Moon RacingStarting Line Stable7,500
05/13/2012SubpoenaLael StablesTwo Rivers Racing Stable LLC20,000
05/13/2012Valentine DaisyTop Shelf StableGoldencrest Racing Stable12,500
05/19/2012I'm Not MyselfMetro Thoroughbreds LLCRitter, David and Randy12,500
05/19/2012Miami MusicKing James RacingAlan R.Cook12,500
05/19/2012BlazenRoman Hill Farm LLCDawghouse Stable20,000
05/19/2012Grand Reality (ARG)Andrew Farm and EBG StableMachiz, Gary and Stacy20,000
05/19/2012ThemanmythnlegendTee-N-Jay FarmC S Racing Stable LLC20,000
05/20/2012Tap a KegPhilip DiCosmoMid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Investments LLC7,500
05/20/2012WinilisciousMichael DubbTop Shelf Stable LLC7,500